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iPhone Gets Software Defined Radio

"This is so cool, my typing fingers are numb from the cold: a software defined radio (SDR) application for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called iSDR. It is a portable software-defined radio receiver designed for experimenters, shortwave listeners and Amateur Radio operators -- and it is free!"


APRS, the Beginning (for me)

"I became interested in APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) after watching a presentation on it a few years ago. The presenter described some of the interesting things that could be done with APRS, which, I think, sold many of us right then and there."


Radio Amateur a 'threat to US security'

The South African Sunday Times reports that pensioner Greg Roberts ZS1BI has been labelled a threat to US national security.

Using a telescope in his back-yard Greg ZS1BI found and recorded footage of a secret space craft, the X-37B, developed by the US Air Force.

The SA Sunday Times reports that

With the help of a group of amateur astronomers from around the world, including a petrol attendant in Canada, he calculated that the top-secret spacecraft took about 92 minutes to orbit earth and flies over hot spots such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Korea.

DXpeditioning Isn’t Just for Old-Timers!

For five days in July, a group of young amateurs will learn what it’s like to BE the DX with the aid of contesting greats and a world renowned station.

It’s every ham’s dream: sitting in a tropical oasis, running Europe for hours on end -- with determining what band you should be on being the hardest part of the entire trip. While most will just dream, a group of contesters from Ohio are making it happen for a group of young amateurs, including myself! Don DuBon, N6JRL,

Slim Jim antenna calculator & Slim Jim information

This page shows you how to make a simple but effective 'Slim Jim' antenna. It includes below a calculator to work out all the mesurements for the frequency you require.
This calculator can also be used to make the J-Pole. Just ignore 'B' and 'E' and place your mouse pointer over the image below.

Svårt att köra radio?

Har du ochså "svårt" att köra radio. Kanske hart du störningar på S8-9, eller så får eller kan du inte sätta upp antenner ?

Porva då att köra Hamsphere, en viruell TRX för Windows, Linux, MAC. Du kör radio viua internet. Inga antnner eller andra saker behövs bara "bredband" samt högtalare och mikrofon. Programmet simulerar QRM och QRN, så radiokänslan finns där,

Välkommen till - Lär dig CW online!

På LCWO kan du lära dig Morsetelegrafi (CW) online på din webbläsare. Det behövs inte installera något program på din dator, och du kommer alltid bevara dina personliga inställningar oavsett vilken dator du loggar in på jordklotet som är inkopplad på nätet.


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