Notiser om amatörradio

The East Coast District ARES Code of Conduct

"ARES members are the personification of Amateur Radio to the public and to our governmental and quasi-governmental agencies whom we serve. As such, we have elected to publish guidelines under which we expect ARES registered volunteers will operate."


California Hams Help Coordinate Off-Road Rescue

On Saturday, June 12 around 1:30 local time, Jim Siemons, AF6PU, of Walnut Creek, California, was checking his e-mail when he received a message from a friend who was concerned that his brother -- who, along with four friends had taken an off-road adventure along California’s famed Rubicon Trail -- had not come home when expected. Siemons’ friend told him that his brother’s group had left on Wednesday with four off-road vehicles in an attempt to cross the Trail.

Backup Power Switching and Charging System

"Super Powergate 40S is a 12 volt backup power system that can supply up to 40 amperes continuously from either a Power Supply or a Battery, and can also charge the battery with its high performance charger."


Sanningen om amatörradio?

En ganska cynisk amerikansk radioamatör går igenom vad han personligen ogillar inom amatörradion. Som vanligt är det väl att man låter något gå till överdrift istället för att kunna balansera tillvaron. Men jag måste erkänna att jag kan instämma i en del av hans kommentarer. Om ingenting annat borde man kunna dra igång en l-å-å-å-ng diskussion om synpunkterna i klippet.

iPhone Gets Software Defined Radio

"This is so cool, my typing fingers are numb from the cold: a software defined radio (SDR) application for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called iSDR. It is a portable software-defined radio receiver designed for experimenters, shortwave listeners and Amateur Radio operators -- and it is free!"


APRS, the Beginning (for me)

"I became interested in APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) after watching a presentation on it a few years ago. The presenter described some of the interesting things that could be done with APRS, which, I think, sold many of us right then and there."


Radio Amateur a 'threat to US security'

The South African Sunday Times reports that pensioner Greg Roberts ZS1BI has been labelled a threat to US national security.

Using a telescope in his back-yard Greg ZS1BI found and recorded footage of a secret space craft, the X-37B, developed by the US Air Force.

The SA Sunday Times reports that

With the help of a group of amateur astronomers from around the world, including a petrol attendant in Canada, he calculated that the top-secret spacecraft took about 92 minutes to orbit earth and flies over hot spots such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Korea.

DXpeditioning Isn’t Just for Old-Timers!

For five days in July, a group of young amateurs will learn what it’s like to BE the DX with the aid of contesting greats and a world renowned station.

It’s every ham’s dream: sitting in a tropical oasis, running Europe for hours on end -- with determining what band you should be on being the hardest part of the entire trip. While most will just dream, a group of contesters from Ohio are making it happen for a group of young amateurs, including myself! Don DuBon, N6JRL,


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