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'Cannibal' CME Hits Earth: Storm Warning Issued for Space:

A storm warning has been issued for space, where a "cannibal" coronal mass ejection grabbed the attention of space-weather watchers. The sun -- at a peak of activity in the 11-year solar cycle -- hurled a pair of CMEs that reached Earth early Saturday morning, Pacific time. The ejections, as NASA's Alex Young says, "are a huge release of solar material, billions of tons, and magnetic field." Upon reaching Earth, they can wreak havoc with our power grid -- and, on the bright side, create gorgeous auroras. Three ejections were forecast for the weekend.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1905 February 14 2014

◾Hams stand ready in Slovenia as severe weather turns electric power off
◾RAC says it will protect hams from proposed cellphone tower law
◾United Kingdom monitoring station traces 40 meter interference to France
◾On the air party to introduce High Frequency Digital Audio to the world
◾Commissioning of the new Ham Video system on the ISS postponed to March
◾Twinkling the light of Morse code is alive once more from the UK

RadioShack set to close 500 stores nationwide

The struggling U.S. electronics retailer RadioShack is set to close 500 stores as part of its restructuring effort.

The sales of the retailer have been in free-fall due to executives departing from the company and stiff competition from rivals.

Welcome to SOTA!

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. SOTA has been carefully designed to make participation possible for everyone - this is not just for mountaineers! There are awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1904 February 7 2014

◾The Dayton Hamvention announces its 2014 award winners; the
◾FCC opens a short window to comment on WRC 2015 preparations
◾An FCC reform measure is introduced in the United States Senate
◾Think-tank says its time to merge the FTC with the FCC
◾Russian Special Events Station celebrates the 2014 Winter Olympics
◾New ham radio video podcast will be coming soon from the UK
◾CQ Editor W2VU answers questions about the future of publishing

Hög tid att boka Contest & Dx-mötet i Tallin

Det är hög tid att boka contest och Dx-mötet i Tallin!
CCF/OHDXF/ERAU Winter Meeting in Tallinn – BOOK NOW!
Dear Contester / DXer,

Dead line to book ferry & accommodation is 1.1.2014.

If you plan to attend the event and meet fellow hams around the Baltic Sea,
please book now:

ARRL-Sponsored Medium-Frequency Experiment Continues as Hams Hope for New Band

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RSGB Facebook Group

Some Members may be aware of a number of abusive comments about RSGB volunteers, staff and the Society that have been posted recently on the Facebook Group that carries the name of the RSGB. Whilst this is not an official RSGB group, it has been administered by RSGB Members and such behaviour will not be tolerated.


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