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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1925 July 4 2014

ARRL gets Amateur Radio Parity Act introduced in House of Representatives
Hams in Italy get another chance to use the 4 meter band
WRTC 2014 competition takes place on July 12th and 13th
Coconino County AZ revises its distracted driving law to exempt hams
Congress weighs in on Net Neutrality and
After 70 years Morse code returns to a secret World War 2 Australian base

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1924 JUNE 27 2014

A possible new challenge to ham radio at 5 Gigahertz
Revised Part 97 FCC rules take effect July 21st
Solar researchers once again discuss our current cycle 24
VK hams set new microwave record down-under
Fhe FCC says no to use of ham radio gear on GMRS frequencies

Gör vågutbredningsprognoser med VOACAP Online

•VOACAP Online knows about the correct SSN values. Therefore DO NOT set any value to SSN, unless you want to experiment. After you have entered a value in any of the fields, press the TAB key instead of ENTER.
•If in doubt, read the User Manual and about new features.
•Transmitter Site (TX) = Your Station (red) and Receiver Site (RX) = DX Station (blue). Drag the markers on the map to the desired locations. Double-click the markers to swap TX and RX.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1923 JUNE 20 2014

Coconino county AZ may revise its distracted driving law to exempt hams
FCC dismisses proceeding dealing with the 902 MHz band
SSB and AM on 11 meter CB coming to the United Kingdom
Hams in the Netherlands face new restrictions on 2300 Megahertz
Heard Island DXpedition team plans a complete reorganization

New ARRL Technician Instructor E-Manual Now Available for Download

The sixth edition of the ARRL Technician Instructor Manual — an electronic publication — now is available for free download by ARRL registered instructors. This latest edition of The ARRL Instructor's Manual offers a course syllabus that addresses all of the topics covered by the FCC question pool that becomes effective on July 1 for the Technician license exam. The syllabus follows the topic presentation sequence in the ARRL student study guide, The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (3rd ed).

Field Day Vaxholm

Den 23 augusti 2014 arrangeras en radiodag på Vaxholms kastell

Ett antal radioklubbar i Stockholms län och Sveriges Sändareamatörer, att kommer att celebrera SAF, Vaxholms Kustradios, hundraårsjubileum på Vaxholms Kastell den 23 augusti 2014. Planering och genomförande görs i nära samverkan med Vaxholms Fästnings Museum. Vi vill med denna radiodag göra reklam för Amatörradion och skapa intresse för trådlös kommunikation. En viktig del av verksamheten är att vi vill engagera och intressera ungdomar för vår hobby.

Emergency management, licensed amateur radio operators to test skills in Southwick

Area Emergency Management personnel will be joined by licensed amateur radio operators for a two-day emergency communications exercise here June 28 and 29.

Several emergency communications stations, of various equipment, will be set up at the Town Hall complex and adjacent Prifti Park as part of the effort to establish emergency communications with various locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Ham Radio operators can be life-saving in severe weather

Hearing about severe weather makes many people affected by the severe 2012 July storm panic, wondering what might happen this time around.
But when the power goes out in a storm and communication is scarce there is one thing that can save lives, and that's an amateur radio.

Ed McKinney has been a Ham radio operator for decades. And he also happens to be a trained Skywarn severe weather spotter in Raleigh County, WV.

Radio Amateur’s Sub-9 kHz VLF Signal Detected Across the Atlantic

How low can you go? A signal on 8.971 kHz has spanned the Atlantic, from North Carolina to the UK. Running on the order of 150 µW effective radiated power, very low frequency (VLF) experimenter Dex McIntyre, W4DEX, transmitted signals on June 2 and 3 that were detected by Paul Nicholson, an SWL in the UK. Earlier this year, Nicholson detected McIntyre's WH2XBA/4 Experimental Service VLF signal on 29.501 kHz. McIntyre needed no FCC license to transmit on 8.971 kHz, since the Commission has not designated any allocations below 9 kHz — dubbed “the Dreamers’ Band.”

På onsdag, den 11 juni, flyttar SSA:s webbplats till

Under onsdagen den 11 juni kommer SSA:s nya web-plats att flyttas till adressen

Vissa störningar kan i och med detta uppstå, vilket vi ber om förståelse för. Den tillfälliga adress, som vi använt fram till nu, försvinner.


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