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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1917 May 9 2014

Killer of 8 people including a ham radio operator admits his guilt
Canadian hams granted new band from 472 to 479 KHz
KickSat may not be able to deploy its cargo of Sprite picosats
United States ARDF registration extended to June 1st
Long trek across Europe and Asia for a ham radio floater balloon

Mountain Bike Event Emergency

The 2014 Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike Event on April 26 in and around Prescott, Arizona, quickly developed into an emergency exercise for Yavapai Amateur Radio Club volunteers who were supporting communication for the 11th annual race.


Nyinrättad sektion för digitala moder

Amatörradio har kommit att omfatta fler och fler former av digitala trafiksätt. För att möta detta intresse har SSA nu inrättat en sektion för digitala trafiksätt. Som ansvarig har styrelsen utsett Pontus Falk, SM0RUX, radioamatör sedan 1986.


Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1916 May 2 2014

Coconino County Arizona bans mobile ham radio
UK regulator Ofcom proposes new CB rules and more
Hams in India help with recent elections
Florida man hit with a $48,000 NAL for alleged cellphone jamming
Ham Nation to go live from the Dayton Hamvention
Time to select USA's team for the World ARDF Championships

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1915 April 25 2014

◾One-way record - 3100 miles on 630 meters down-under
◾KickSat and its Sprites are now on-orbit
◾Locations of WRTC 2014 station venues announced
◾Registration for GAREC 2014 now open
◾Lots of enforcement action from the FCC
◾A very special new booth at Hamvention 2014


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