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Aussie balloon record flight ends

After more than 110,800km in the air, starting from Australia, the pico balloon PS-46 completed two circumnavigations of the Southern Hemisphere, before descending into the Indian Ocean (July 18), brought down by bad weather.

The solar powered balloon carrying an Amateur Radio payload was launched on May 23 by Andy VK3YT, who said: “It was an exciting but also an exhausting eight weeks for many hard-core trackers

Case study: Ex radios fly high at KLM

Royal Dutch Airlines turns to TETRA radios for safety in an explosive environment.

Dutch airliner KLM makes no money when aircraft sit on the ground. That makes quick aircraft turnaround essential to the bottom line.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1968 July 17, 2015

Packed House at Hamvention
Yukon Station shows remote possibilities
An Alternate Satellite Frequency
Stalking the latest Cubesat
Report from Camp Courage
New Balloting for Kosovo
The World of DX
Young Ham of the Year

Introduction to DMR

In this HamRadioNow video John Burningham W2XAB explains Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

This is a forum from the 2015 Dayton Hamvention, introducing you to the DMR - Digital Mobile Radio (aka MotoTRBO) - a digital voice mode for VHF/UHF that is becoming more and more popular in Amateur Radio. The forum is presented by John Burningham W2XAB. John won't take you all the way through programming a radio, but he'll make you knowledgeable enough to take the next step if you get interested.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1967 July 9 2015

Amateur Radio Newsline returns; welcomes KD2GUT to the team.
Heightened recognition comes for radio amateurs in the days before Field Day.
Some new QSOs make their mark aboard the International Space Station.
Changes are coming on 160 meters.
In Europe, young hams are packing for a one-week radio camp in Italy for amateurs
And the FCC seeks additional comments for new usage on lower and medium frequency bands.

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Short Circuit Causes Feed Line Fire at Sweden’s SAQ Alexanderson Station

Sweden’s Alexanderson alternator station SAQ said this week that a feed-line fire may have adversely affected the tally of listener reports from the station’s June 28 “Alexanderson Day” transmissions. Lars Kalland, SM6NM, at the SAQ World Heritage Grimeton site said there was a problem with the antenna on the first transmission from the vintage equipment at 0900 UTC.


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