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Gemensam fieldday i SMØ den 13-14 juni

SKØQO är värd för den gemensamma fieldday som kommer att gå av stapeln i SMØ i juni 2015.

Inbjudan till planeringsmöte, den 22 januari, sändes ut till de aktiva klubbar som vid tillfället var registrerade hos SSA och ett flertal klubbar hörsammade inbjudan och deltog med en eller flera representanter.

Explaining Standing Waves

When we teach the Technician License Class, we provide a simple explanation of Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) that emphasizes the concept of impedance matching. An SWR of 1:1 is a perfect match; anything higher is less than perfect.

SWR is an important amateur radio concept, one that is not that easy to explain so I am always on the lookout for training materials. HamRadioNow just republished this video of an excellent standing wave demonstration by Bill Hays, AE4QL. Bill actually goes well beyond just standing waves and shows some antenna and transmission line theory as well

Navy radio society to man station at open day

THE Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society is manning a station at a Royal Naval open day.

The event is being held at HMS Collingwood in Fareham, the navy’s largest training establishment and the headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream.

Attendees are being encouraged to visit the society’s station and get involved to find out more about amateur radio within the armed services.

The open day is on Saturday, June 6.

Nepal Earthquake - Update May 9

Page last updated on: Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nepal Earthquake - Update May 9
This final update was received Saturday from Jayu VU2JAU who has been keeping in daily contact with Satish 9N1AA on 20m

Their scheduled contacts have decreased in frequency over the last few days and closed at 02:30UTC today. This is the last known formal international link to stop operating following the ending of MARS communications support at 1100z 05 May 15 between T6TM in Afghanistan and Dr. Panday, 9N1SP.

Transatlantic beacon reception on 144 MHz

The 144.436 MHz beacon D4C in the Cape Verde Islands HK76mv was received at PJ4VHF in Bonaire, Caribbean EM95qc on May 6 over a distance of 4686 km

A post on the D4C Facebook page says:

On May 6, 2015 history was made on contact across the Atlantic on VHF bands on the W-E path: The new D4C 2m beacon was received on Tropo for several hours in the Caribbean by PJ4VHF Dave on Bonaire on almost 4700km path. The band was open for 90 minutes from 0100-0230 UTC May 6, 2015. Report 519 on a TS-2000 with 2 x 13 element yagis.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1964 - May 8 2015

Amateur radio continues its work in earthquake ravaged Nepal
DL hams get 4 Meter acces for sporadic E season
Digital Ham TV comes alive from the ISS
Congress continues pressing the FCC on proposed Field Bureau closures
Radio back on the farm

The June Edition of Digital QST is Now Available

This is our annual ARRL Field Day issue and includes a classic Gil Gildersleeve cover from the June 1951 issue!

• Avoid coaxial chaos at your Field Day site with a portable patch panel

• Add digital video to your list of Field Day modes

• Maximize your HF antenna system efficiency

• Get your code skills up to speed with the ARRL Code Proficiency program

…and much more!

RSGB website maintenance

Owing to essential maintenance some users may experience intermittent connectivity to the RSGB Shop and the websites between 19.00 and 22.00 on 8 May 2015.

We apologize in advance for any issues arising from this work, which is replacement of essential hardware.


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