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The future of ham radio?

I was underwhelmed by an article on the future of ham radio in the April QST. There was no mention of future technical developments driving and changing ham radio as a hobby!

I asked myself the question “what is the core activity that might bring and keep people in ham radio?” The short answer is “the capability to communicate reliably with specified and unspecified people at close and distant locations.” In addition, a critical feature that sets the amateur apart from ordinary mass-consumers is knowledge and interest in using radio devices that can be modified or constructed.


Post- och Telestyrelsen (PTS) har med omedelbar verkan beslutat att GMSK-modulerad överföring av tal och data (som bl a används i D-STAR-nätet) inte längre ska vara tillåten på 144-146 MHz och 432-438 MHz amatörband.
Skälet lär, enligt säker källa, vara att man inte anser det förenligt med gällande regelverk för nyttjande av naturresurser (till vilket även elektromagnetisk överföring av signaler hör) då radioamatörer i Sverige ofta aktiverar 40-50 repeatrar och så kallade hotspot's när det ofta räcker med att aktivera en eller två.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1911 March 28 2014

Ham radio offered transponders on an upcoming geostationary satellite launch
Final commissioning of the new Ham TV on the ISS is again delayed
United Kingdom hams may get added spectrum on 2 meters
FCC grants several experimental licenses in the 70 centimeter band
Planning is underway for International Marconi Day
A special April 1st report on remote operation from a remote location

HI-SEAS Mission Team Set for Mars “Landing” on March 28

Ron Williams, N9UIK, and his team of “astronauts” head are set to “land on Mars” on March 28, and they’ll be on the radio from their simulated quarters on “the Red Planet” — actually in Hawaii — starting on the second Saturday in April. Williams is part of Mission 2 (of four) in the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation — HI-SEAS project. The team is taking ham radio along to their simulated Martian outpost, a self-contained domed shelter, where they’ll be cut off from civilization until mid-summer.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1910 March 21 2014

Hams asked to assist in the hunt for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370
Ukraine and Russia bring intruding signals to some HF ham radio bands
Hams in France get new band allocations and more bands may come
FCC invites public comment on proposal to restructure the 10 GHz band
Ohio radio club to celebrate Earth Day on the air
Surrey Space Center in UK developing virtual ride to space

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1909 March 14 2014

Ham radio is called to play a part in the Malaysian Airlines mystery
The DARC says the number of German ham radio operators is declining
GPS system forces the closure of a pair of amateur television repeaters
Steps 1 and 2 of the commissioning of the new ISS Ham Video a success
Lots happening on the FCC regulatory enforcement scene
FEMA introduces a new wireles alert frequently asked questions web page

Revolutionary Way to Learn Morse Code

Introducing CODEMAN, a smartphone App that revolutionizes the learning of Morse Code.

As well meaning as the "short-cuts" and "techniques" propagated on the internet may be, they cause frustration and end up doing more harm than good to anyone wanting to learn Morse Code.

CODEMAN. is different. It's a semi-automated, system that combines linguistic technology with state-of-the-art App engineering. It's optimized to guide a beginner to 12WPM efficiently, without boredom or frustration.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1908 March 7 2014

◾200 tiny 70 CM satellites to be orbited in one launch this month
◾ARRL requests member comments on digital High Frequency operations
◾IARU announces the theme for Amateur Radio Day 2014
◾FCC issues some stiff fines for broadcast o commercial with EAS tones
◾Oregon ARES group donates a ham station to a mobile response clinic
◾US ham is honored for expanding the SOTA program to this nation

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1907 February 28 2014

An Ohio town challenges the states PRB-1 like law
The Sun unleashes a powerful X Class Flare
GAREC 2014 to meet in Huntsville Alabama this August
2014 National Hurricane Conference to take place in Orlando Florida
DARC questions PLT measurement process in Germany
Researchers try to find out if salmon follow magnetic force lines


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