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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1935 September 12 2014

Canada will proposes world-wide 60 meter ham radio allocation
China announces a Lunar circling mission carrying amateur radio
Slow Scan television is back on the air from the ISS
FCC announces increase in the cost of a United States vanity callsign
New Zealand hams to celebrate a major ham radio historical event

Updating the Amateur Radio Licence

The current form of the amateur licence has been around for several years and Ofcom is keen to ensure that it continues to meet its regulatory needs.

A consultation paper entitled Updating the Amateur Radio Licence (35-page, 264KB PDF) has now been issued, and all amateurs are encouraged to read it carefully and respond to Ofcom by 20 October.

LTE test transmissions in ham radio 2.3 GHz band

The RSGB reports that Ofcom have advised that there are expected to be LTE test transmissions over the next few months in the 13 cms/2.3 GHz band

The tests will be in the central London area and will be up to 38dBW erp. If licensed Radio Amateurs should become aware of unusual transmissions, they are asked to bear this in mind.

Nu pågår årets DX-möte i Karlsborg

Årets DX-Möte i Karlsborg rullade igång nu på förmiddagen (lördag 6 september). Kjell Nerlich SM6CTQ, ordförande i Lake Wettern DX Group, LWDXG, konstaterade i sin hälsning till de 100-talet besökarna, att årets DX-möte ser ut/riskerar att bli det sista i ordningen. Det första DX-mötet genomfördes 1978. Från början hölls de varje år, senare vartannat.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1933 August 29 2014

A ham radio floater balloon makes two trips around the world
IARU Region One official says 23 centimeters is in jeopardy
Moldavia joins the CEPT universal licensing system
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend sets a new record
Morse sprint will honor the memory of the late Nancy Kott, WZ8C

No-Code in 1934?

As a result of sending out a column (nearly) every month to about 350 ham radio club newsletter editors, I get copies of many newsletters from around the country. The following appeared in the August 2014 issue of the Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association (MARA) Squelch Tales. It originally appeared in the January 1934 issue of the magazine Short Wave Radio. PDFs of Short Wave Radio as well as many more magazines from the early days of radio can be found on the American Radio History website.


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