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Radio Newsline Report 1899 January 3 2014

Ham radio assists a rescue at sea off the coast of South Africa
Amateur Radio stands ready as a winter storm hits Hawaii
IPAWS data storage may be headed to the Cloud
Tokyo Hy-Power files for bankruptcy in Japan
A winter DXpedition to Finland’s far north is underway
Ham radio Astronaut takes the ultimate self portrait in space

Volunteer Connection: Amateur radio a key component of Disaster Services

It seems that natural and man-made disasters are increasingly frequent phenomena capable of striking at any time, irrespective of local, regional or international borders.

Radiostyrd helikopter för att få upp en metrev i trädet ?

Det finns en radiostyrd modell av transporthelikoptern Chinook.
Jag har beställt en för att prova, om den klarar att man till slut får upp en trådantenn över en hög trädgren.

(Att den har rotor både i främre och bakre änden borde göra den extra stabil.)


Pactor 4 ?


Pactor 4 har en maximal bandbredd på 2400 Hz, se ovan. Den högsta effektiva bithastigheten av okomprimerade data är 5512,5 bps.
Med modemets inbyggda komprimering kan 10500 bps uppnås vid överföring av text.

Bandplanen för HF säger att bandbredd mindre än 2700 Hz är tillåten för automatisk obemannad utrustning, i vissa frekvensintervall. Se

REACT Emergency Communications (EComm)

Why do we have an EComm training and certification program?

The REACT Emergency Communications training and certification program will provide the public service community with trained radio operators who will have a consistent level of expertise in Emergency Communications no matter where they live.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1897 December 20 2013

Murderer of ham radio operator gets life behind prison bars
Ofcom re-evaluating UK ham radio licensing requirements
Myanmar could soon create an amateur radio service
South Africa Radio League celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela
Solar researchers say Cycle 24 is weakest in 100 years
Santa comes to Echolink Christmas Eve

ARRL's "Symbol Rate" Petition Nears Top of FCC's List

The petition asks the FCC to delete the symbol rate limit in §97.307(f) of its Amateur Service rules and to replace it with a maximum data emission bandwidth of 2.8 kHz on frequencies below 29.7 MHz.
The Petition proposes no changes that would affect in any way the existing rules governing Morse telegraphy, phone, and image emissions



The "Community Emergency Response Team" (CERT) concept is a major, growing concern in the quickly evolving arena of emergency management on a micro versus macro scale and deserves the full attention of ARES and indeed any radio amateur as a top priority for the coming year.

CERT is the wave of the future -- the immediate future...



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