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Grimeton sänder på FN-dagen den 24 oktober

Grimeton/SAQ kommer troligen att sända med sin Alexanderson alternator den 24 oktober, på FN-dagen. Vi är inte hundraprocentigt säkra på att ha tillgång till antennen, eftersom en annan organisation använder den.

– Sändningen kommer som vanligt att ske på 17,2 kHz klockan 10:00 UTC. Start och avstämning börjar 09:30 UTC. Meddelandet som sänds har skrivits av danska studenter. Denna gång efterfrågas inga lyssnarrapporter. QSL kommer inte att besvaras.

RSGB helps pupils celebrate the birth of global radio communications

Pupils at Mill Hill School in London are taking to the airwaves this week to mark the 90th anniversary of the historic contact between Cecil Goyder, a former pupil at Mill Hill School, and Frank Bell, a New Zealand sheep farmer.

The radio station (2SZ) is being run by RSGB volunteers and throughout the week small groups of pupils are visiting it, learning about amateur radio and having the opportunity to speak over the air.

ARRL Executive Committee Adopts Mobile Amateur Radio Operation Policy

The ARRL Executive Committee has adopted an updated Policy Statement on Amateur Radio mobile operation. While agreeing that driver inattention is a leading cause of auto accidents and that concern over driver distraction "is not unreasonable," the policy cites Amateur Radio's 70-year history of two-way mobile operation as evidence that such radio use does not contribute to driver inattention.

Hams help in cyclone disaster

Infrastructure is still being restored following Cyclone Hudhud on Sunday that hit Odisha in the Bay of Bengal on the east coast of India.

National disaster communication coordinator, Jayu Bhide VU2JAU said it uprooted 75% of trees, blocked most roads, cut power and communication lines.

He said, "There was no water, petrol pumps were out of action and airports closed. So far 22 people had been killed, others injured and many made homeless."

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1939 October 10 2014

The IARU Administrative council meets to plan for WRC 2015
A California radio amateur shares the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Ham radio moon mission payload on its way to China for launch
British floater balloon B-64 is still circling the Earth
Ham radio and the scouting Jamboree on the Air October 18-19

From my inbox: satellite hacking, hacking hair dryers, bandwidth

Civilians in abandoned McDonald’s seize control of wandering space satellite. For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. They’re doing it all from a makeshift mission control center in an abandoned McDonald’s in Mountain View, California, using old radio parts from eBay and a salvaged flat screen TV.

Juridiska problem vid JOTA USA <-> Sverige

Enligt som hänvisar till

kan tyvärr inte scouter i USA prata direkt med en scout i Sverige (såvida inte den svenska scouten har en egen amatörradiolicens).
Scouten i USA får istället tyvärr bara prata med sändaramatören i Sverige.

Russian radar and Voice of Iran on 21 MHz

The IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports a Russian radar covered the entire 21 MHz amateur radio band and a spurious emission from Voice of Iran is also causing interference

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 September 2014 newsletter can be read at

Microwave Update 2014

Microwave Update is less than two weeks away!

Along with many great talks, noise figure measurements up to 78 GHz will be made through the generosity of both Keysight Technologies and Al Ward W5LUA, we’ll have the equipment (noise figure analyzers and noise sources) to accomplish this!


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