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ARRL 2015 Hurricane Season Webinar Set for July 20

The ARRL will host a 2015 Hurricane Season webinar Monday, July 20, getting under way at 8 PM EDT (July 21, 0000 UTC). The approximately 90-minute session will address the role of Amateur Radio during the 2015 Hurricane Season. Anyone interested in hurricane preparedness and response is invited to attend this online presentation.

Field day brings out amateur radio enthusiasts

John Kludt and Jim Paine prepare for the upcoming North Fulton Amateur Radio League annual field day at Waller Park Extension.

Ham radio enthusiasts and curious locals will converge at the North Fulton Amateur Radio League annual field day event in Roswell June 27 and 28.

More than 330 members in the north Fulton community share the hobby of amateur, or ham, radio. For five out of the last six years, the league has seen more people show up to their field day event than any other group in the country, said event publicist Jim Paine.

US Naval Academy CubeSats Get OSCAR Numbers

AMSAT has announced that two US Naval Academy-sponsored CubeSats have been assigned OSCAR numbers. BRICsat now will be known as NO-83, and PSAT has been designated as NO-84. OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, made the assignments in response to a request from Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, at the Naval Academy.

Good Operating Habits on Field Day

In preparation for ARRL Field Day, I will be doing a presentation at our radio club meeting, explaining how FD works. We have lots of newer hams, so I want to cover the basics well. I looked around on YouTube for some video of typical Field Day contacts so our members could hear what it sounds like.

Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR handheld review

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, seems to be growing in popularity, and the arrival of a DMR handheld for under £150 is great news

Ask any new Ham what they hope to achieve and they will probably tell you that they want to talk to the other side of the world. Well, DMR may just be the cost effective way to do it.

Vår fieldday Uppsala möte

Hej, härmed inbjuder vi i Uppsala Radioklubb er att deltaga vid vår fieldday Uppsala möte den 6
Juni 2015 med start vid 11 tiden.

På programmet står bl.a. workshop om störningar, ta med något du misstänker är störande och vill ha
uppmätt. (elektronik eller elpryl).


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