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ARRL Audio News: Feb 27, 2009; Vol 28 Number 8

In this edition . . .; ARRL National Convention to Feature Richard Garriott, W5KWQ; BSA Updates Radio Merit Badge Requirements; ARRL Audio News ID--Satellite Update--BREAK:; ARRL DX Phone Contest Brings DX in Full Force to HF Bands; QEX: The March/April 2009 Issue; Train the Trainers Course Debuts at Orlando HamCation; ARRL Audio News--IN BRIEF

WSJT Monthly Sprints to Begin this Weekend

The first monthly WSJT Sprint contest will be held this Saturday, February 28 between 4 AM and noon (local time).WSJT is a popular software suite created by Joe Taylor, K1JT. It is used to make digital contacts by reflecting signals off the ionized trails left by meteors (a technique known as meteor scatter). The same software can be used to make contacts by using the moon as a radio reflector (moonbounce).

WICEN Emergency Net Now On Echolink

The WICEN group continues to maintain support to the emergency service organisations as fires continue to burn after three weeks. In addition to providing operators at the Alexandra Incident Control Centre (ICC), WICEN has been asked to provide assistance with operators at three outer Melbourne ICC’ s.

Ham operators aid emergencies, reach out globally

Local amateur radio operators were hamming it up Saturday at the Yuma County Fairgrounds during the Hamfest and Emergency Preparedness Show. Ham operators interested in the field were given the opportunity to meet with their colleagues, check out new gear on the market and attend 14 separate seminars throughout the day

ARRL Audio News: Feb 20, 2009; Vol 28 Number 7

In this edition . . .; Hams in Australia Assist with Massive Bushfires; Hams Can Still Help with Digital TV (DTV) Conversion; ARRL Audio News ID--Satellite Update--BREAK:; “The Doctor Is IN” the ARRL Letter; World Amateur Radio Day to Recognize Amateur Radio's Role in Disaster Communications; John Kanzius, K3TUP (SK); ARRL Audio News--

Field Day Station Locator Service Returning for 2009

First introduced in 2008, the ARRL's Field Day Station Locator Service was a popular addition to the Field Day toolbox. This service -- an interactive map that helps amateurs or those interested in Amateur Radio find a Field Day site near them -- is free to clubs or individuals who will be operating public Field Day stations. Stations can also be listed by state or province. If your group would like to be a part of the Station Locator Service, it's easy to get started -- just go to the Field Day Station Locator Web site and follow the instructions.

Jämn kamp mellan SMS och morse i Danmark

Den 10 februari genomfördes än tävling mellan SMS och morse på Post och Telemuséum i Köpenhamn. De fem snabbaste SMSarna blev uttagna i en kvalificeringstävling och fick därefter tävla mot telegrafisterna. Det knappades flitigt men det var bara de snabbaste och felfria SMSen som gick vidare.


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