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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1933 August 29 2014

A ham radio floater balloon makes two trips around the world
IARU Region One official says 23 centimeters is in jeopardy
Moldavia joins the CEPT universal licensing system
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend sets a new record
Morse sprint will honor the memory of the late Nancy Kott, WZ8C

No-Code in 1934?

As a result of sending out a column (nearly) every month to about 350 ham radio club newsletter editors, I get copies of many newsletters from around the country. The following appeared in the August 2014 issue of the Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association (MARA) Squelch Tales. It originally appeared in the January 1934 issue of the magazine Short Wave Radio. PDFs of Short Wave Radio as well as many more magazines from the early days of radio can be found on the American Radio History website.

Rapport från radiodagen på Vaxholms kastell 23 augusti

Fint väder och många besökare bidrog till att göra radiodagen till årets radioaktivitet i Stockholmsområdet. Programmet inleddes med att försvarsminister Karin Enström invigde dagen, samt avtäckte en minnestavla över Vaxholm radio som startade verksamheten på platsen för 100 år sedan. Karin gjorde i sitt anförande en intressant exposé över radioverksamheten på Vaxholm Radio och kopplingarna till dagens kommunikationstekniker.

Balloons Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads Still Circling Earth

Three simple plastic foil-envelope balloons carrying Amateur Radio payloads and launched from the UK by Leo Bodnar, M0XER, remain aloft and continue to circle the Earth. The oldest, identified as B63, was released on July 8 and became the second of Bodnar’s balloons to circumnavigate the globe. The first to do so, B64, went up on July 12 and had completed one lap around the Northern Hemisphere by July 31. Air currents have carried the balloon within 9 km of the North Pole and within 10 km of its launch site.

10 GHz under threat from broadband links

The OK2KKW contest club report on interference to the amateur radio 10 GHz band from commercial internet links in Prague, Czech Republic

The YouTube description reads:

Example of strong noise and interference from commercial point to point (free to charge) internet links on 10GHz in Prague. As you can see, any weaker amateur radio sigs are almost not receivable now.

Ham Radio Mode-J Transponder for NEXUS CubeSat

The Japan AMSAT Association (JAMSAT) and students at the Nippon University are jointly developing a CubeSat called NEXUS which will have a 145 to 435 MHz (Mode-J) transponder and a 38 kbps data downlink

Nippon University students have previously developed the SEEDS and SPROUT satellites. NEXUS is an achronym of “Next Education X (cross) Unique Satellite”, it will be 1U CubeSat with a mass of between 1 and 1.5 kg.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1932 August 22 2014

Hams in Hawaii are ready as tropical storm Iselle heads their way
The Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference looks at the future
Ham radio gets the message through when all else fails
New ham radio research microsat is hand launched from the ISS
A retirement community that has adopted ham radio


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