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California Hams Activate to Support Shelter Communications Following Wildfire

Amateur Radio volunteers in California’s Tuolumne County assisted local emergency managers and the American Red Cross by supporting communication at a shelter in Groveland, set up in the wake of the El Portal Fire in Yosemite National Park. The National Park Service reported that the fire got its start in the community of El Portal on July 26, and evacuations were put into effect for Foresta and Old El Portal. In addition, the Crane flat Campground was evacuated, and Big Oak Flat Road was closed.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1928 July 25 2014

FEMA and the ARRL announce a new Memorandum of Agreement
IARU Region 2 Executive Committee meets in Connecticut
2 meter channels in the UK being used for the Commonwealth Games
Australian launched ham radio balloon reaches South America
WA1ZMS named to receive the first Triennial Brendan Medal
Last big Collins shortwave transmitter saved from the scrap heap

Team USA Forming for 2014 ARDF World Championships

Every two years, hams from around the world gather to see who is best at on-foot hidden transmitter hunting. USA has been represented at every one of these ARDF World Championships since 1988, and 2014 will be no exception. Team USA is now forming for the 17th World Championships, which will take place in Burabay, Kazakhstan from September 6 - 13. There will be separate events on separate days for each competitor on eighty meters and two meters, each with up to five transmitters scattered in a forest that might encompass 1000 acres or more.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1922 June 13 2014

FCC announces changes to Amateur Radio licensing and modes
Hams take issue with users of indoor grow lights
A pair of X Class flares erupt on the Sun
Marines learn how to T-hunt from a North Carolina radio club
Dayton announces 2014 Hamvention attendance
Part two of our look at ARIS

2m signals cross the Atlantic

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society’s Brendan Trophy for the first two-way transatlantic amateur communication on 2m has gone unclaimed for years. A new attempt to span the Atlantic is underway. Operating as VC1T on 144.155MHz, the signal from the Brendan Quest team using the FSK441 transmission mode was heard and decoded by John Regnault, G4SWX, in Suffolk on 6 July at 1341UTC. The stations continued to try to make it a complete two way contact for something over the next four hours but nothing was heard from G4SWX or any European station.

Hurricane Watch Net Preparing to Activate on July 5

The Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) is preparing to activate for Hurricane Arthur Saturday, July 5, at 1100 UTC, on 14.325 MHz. These plans are subject to change. The storm is making its trek toward Nova Scotia, and the Net will be gathering ground-truth weather data for the National Hurricane Center in Miami and the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Halifax. Amateur Radio stations in the affected area should be aware of the storm and be prepared to operate from a place of safety, as necessary.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1925 July 4 2014

ARRL gets Amateur Radio Parity Act introduced in House of Representatives
Hams in Italy get another chance to use the 4 meter band
WRTC 2014 competition takes place on July 12th and 13th
Coconino County AZ revises its distracted driving law to exempt hams
Congress weighs in on Net Neutrality and
After 70 years Morse code returns to a secret World War 2 Australian base

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1924 JUNE 27 2014

A possible new challenge to ham radio at 5 Gigahertz
Revised Part 97 FCC rules take effect July 21st
Solar researchers once again discuss our current cycle 24
VK hams set new microwave record down-under
Fhe FCC says no to use of ham radio gear on GMRS frequencies


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